Kids Bamboo Toothbrush - Round Green

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What better way to get your kid interested in brushing their teeth than with a panda friendly bamboo toothbrush!

If Panda's brushed their teeth we believe our bamboo toothbrushes would be their no.1 choice for a great brush!

Main toothbrush bamboo element is 100% biodegradable, bristles are a bamboo infused nylon, and are free from Phthalates, PVC & BPA.*

Our green bristle toothbrush is a medium/soft firmness.

Help keep millions of plastic toothbrushes from our oceans and landfill.

#Pandas wouldn't enjoy eating our toothbrushes either, they prefer a different species of bamboo to the species used to make our toothbrushes!

*We've asked our supplier if they can make a complete bamboo bristle but they said this would be too soft and would not be fit for purpose. We also inquired about a biodegradable alternative - they said they have produced a starch bristle but the durability of these was not good enough and the toothbrush only lasted 3 weeks. So when your toothbrush is finished please use pliers to pull the bristles out and then compost the bamboo.