Our Founder - Ed was living and working in China trying to master the Chinese language. We don’t know whether it was to distract him from learning Chinese characters but Ed started to obsess about bamboo to anyone that would listen!

Being the most sustainable plant out there and possessing properties that mean you can make super soft clothing while at the same time being able to make accessories in its wooden form, Ed set about coming up with a bamboo brand...and Mabboo was born in early 2008. We're the original brand built on bamboo and very proud of it.

Mabboo has grown organically over the years, just like our beloved bamboo. We’re an independent team based out of Bristol, England doing business globally. Our purpose is to do better in bamboo. Better products for you, which are kinder to the planet made in bamboo.

So why are we called Mabboo?

Well if you haven't realised already Mabboo is an anagram of Bamboo! Our logo also uses the Chinese character for bamboo as you can see below...



Ed and Carlos

Jasmine and Elena

Adriana and Sophie-Anne

Anna and Tom

Kira and George the dog